Best ways to use Order Display

Order Display has full compatibility with PC, MAC, IOS and Android devices.

*The Order Display Team Recommends Google Chrome.


Benefits: All in One Design allow PC to be wall mounted making for easy access and is a space saver. No need for extra peripherals.
1. They can be mounted on the wall to save space
2. They because of their touch screen.
3. Because they come in many convenient sizes (18 - 24 Inches.)

(with 10 Button Numeric Keypad or Bumpbar)
Intel Stick PCs provide a range of benefits
Note: Keyboard and mouse needed for initial setup.
1. They are a lost cost solution.
2. Are a preferred choice for merchants who want to more customizability in screen size. (Merchant typically connect to 42" LCD TV Screens)3. Can be used with a 10 button keypad or customizable usb bump bar.

20 Key USB Programmable Keypad w/ 15' Cable

Tablets are great because they are easy to mount in a small space and can easily be moved around the work space. 
Merchants in smaller spaces tend to use tablets due to their easy setup and the lack of space needed.

Merchants who prefer simple setup and quick performance use the Apple Ipad while merchants wanting a cheaper alternative tend to go for Android Devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab